1.    Reservations:  will not be guaranteed until the Camp Woodland Hills Business Office receives the following:  signed contract, acceptable certificate of insurance, and deposit.

2.    Billing:  Final number of attendees and number of ice bags used are to be reported to the Camp Woodland Hills Business Office within 1 week of camp and payment is due with in 30 days of receipt of invoice. A late fee of 1.5% of the total bill will be charged each month after the due date.  Minimum daily rate of $425.

3.    Waiver of Liability, Release:  Camp Woodland Hill’s waiver of liability and release must be signed by parent or legal guardian for each camper and staff on the grounds and turned into the Campground Manager.

4.    Check In and Check Out must be done by the Activity Director or Business Manager with the Campground Manager before entering any of the facilities on the campgrounds and after all facilities have been vacated and before leaving the campgrounds. Please contact the Campground Manager to schedule your arrival and departure time.

5.    Swimming Pool may be used only if the lifeguard provided by the campground is available and only during designated dates. Please contact the Campground Manager to discuss your pool schedule.

No diving is allowed.  Read more about lifeguarding and water activitie at

6.    Activity Restrictions:  Please view the website at and contact the office at 314-381-9400 with questions or concerns regarding Activities NOT Permitted on Campgrounds, Activities that need to be Contracted with Professional Companies, and Activities Requiring Specific Expertise.

7.   Use or possession of fireworks, firearms and any other type of explosive devices is forbidden on church property.

8.    Tobacco (in any form whether smoked or smokeless), Alcoholic Beverages, Illegal Drugs (in any form) are not to be possessed or used on the campgrounds.

9.    Vehicles are to be driven and parked in designated areas only, except for loading and unloading.

10.  River Activities:  Any activity at the river must be supervised by the lifeguard and all participants must wear their PFD at all times while in a boat or in the water. Read more about lifeguarding and water activities at

11.  Pets are allowed on the campgrounds in accordance with Camp Woodland Hills Pet Policy. Please see our Pet Policy or contact the office at 314-930-3680 x 109 for a copy of the policy.

12.  Trailer/RV spaces with complete hook-ups are available. Each group should assign a person who will be responsible for assigning trailer /RV spaces and controlling parking.

13.  Bedding, Towels, Toiletries - Each person is to furnish his/her own.

14.  Commodes - Flush only toilet paper. Use disposable container provided for other kinds of paper, sanitary napkins/tampons, and diapers.

15.  Cooking Appliances such as microwaves, hot plates, toasters, popcorn poppers, and so on, are prohibited in the cabins and Restoration Lodge rooms. The use of charcoal grills, hibachis, gas camp stoves and the like are permitted only in designated areas.

16.  Fires/Campfires - No fires are permitted except in designated campfire sites. Dead or broken wood may be gathered for campfire use.  Use of gasoline for lighting fluid is forbidden. Extinguish fire when finished.  Never leave fires unattended.

17.  Buildings and Equipment Tables, chairs, etc. are to remain in locations where they have been distributed unless permission for relocation is secured from the Campground Manager. When moved, they are to be returned to the original location at any agreed upon time.  Buildings not in use during activities will be kept locked.

18.  Trash is to be disposed of only in containers conveniently located and provided for this purpose. Trees, shrubbery and flowers are not to be cut or defaced, nor are they to be moved or removed. Grounds are not to be disturbed by digging ditches or holes, or removing topsoil and sod.

19.  Enjoy your stay at Camp Woodland Hills!